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    Now, I will be truthful, my area of expertise in these departments are lacking. I do make awesome lip balm and have developed a fabulous shampoo bar to take when I go camping, but that's the extent of my expertise with these types of products. I include this forum because I know others can share their expertise and knowledge, and if all else fails, I am an expert at googling!

    As for conditioners, my go to conditioner is to slather coconut oil in my hair, cover and let this sit for an hour or two as I read a good book. This does AMAZING things for my hair!

    Yep, that's about it for those products. Who knows, maybe I will learn a thing or two of my own here!

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    Didn't you have a good shampoo bar recipe? I made one a long time ago, but I lost it camping. I liked it, but just never got around to making another. I did find that making a bar that can be used as shampoo is also great for your skin.
    Coconut oil is fabulous for my skin (I look like a shedding lizard in the winter), but I have never tried it on my hair. I decided to go short a couple of years ago and hardly need any conditioner anymore.


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      Yes, I do have one recipe that makes a great "combination" soap, it helps acne, is great as a shampoo, and also gets a very fluffy yet stable lather for shaving with. That's a recipe I do not share publicly tho. It's one of my best selling products.

      I have never tried coconut oil for my skin, maybe I should give it a try on my feet. They are starting to get ugly and cracky lol.